‘Priority reforms’ for Ukraine not a condition for military aid, White House says
Photo: EPA

The list of ‘priority reforms’ that the United States has given Ukraine is not a condition for further military assistance, a US national security official told Voice of America.

The reforms list, published by Ukrainian media earlier, reflects the West’s growing pressure on Ukraine to ensure accountability and change in state apparatus to secure further support.

The document is a working version of the list submitted for "discussion and feedback", the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"This list is not a condition for future military assistance. Reforms are needed for Ukraine’s European integration," they added.

The list, first published by Ukrainska Pravda, a news media outlet, includes a slew of reforms—from fighting corruption to structural economic changes—which have already been voiced by Kyiv’s partners.

The White House official confirmed that the list spells out reforms for the three-, six-, and 18-month period, relating to the boards of state-owned enterprises, anti-corruption agencies, the judiciary, and defence enterprises.

A government source told LIGA.net that the document "contains nothing new" and is a "summary" of what has been said before.