Germany sends Ukraine new military aid package with tank ammo, air defense missiles
Leopard tank (Photo: German government)

On April 29, Germany delivered a new package of military aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including ammunition for Leopard tanks, grenade launchers, and other weapons, according to the German government.

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In particular, Germany has transferred to Ukraine:

→ 10 Marder armored personnel carriers;
→ ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks;
→ one Skynex air defense system;
→ 30,000 rounds for Gepard;
→ IRIS-T SLM missiles;
→ one TRML-4D radar;
→ 7,500 155mm caliber ammunition;
→ one BEAVER bridge-laying tank with spare parts;
→ one DACHS armored engineer vehicle;
→ nine mine clearance systems;
→ one AMPS helicopter protection system;
→ 60 auxiliary engines;
→ six M1070 Oshkosh tank transporters;
→ 18,000 40mm caliber rounds;
→ 3,000 portable anti-tank hand grenade launchers RGW 90;
→ mortar ammunition;
→ 100,000 first aid kits;
→ 2,000 camouflage nets;
→ 2,000 ponchos.

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