British intelligence on the Ukrainian attack in Crimea: Russian reaction confirms operation success
Illustrative image (Photo - PLanet)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' attack on military facilities in Russia's temporarily occupied Crimea revealed the ineffectiveness of Russian air defense systems. The shelling of Ukrainian cities in response demonstrated the success of the Ukrainian operation, according to British intelligence.

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British intelligence suggests that the combined missile and drone attack by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on Russian military targets on January 4 "degraded the awareness and coverage of Russian air defenses over the Crimean region".

In response, Russia launched massive strikes on Ukrainian cities on January 8, including Kryvyi Rih and Zaporizhzhia, according to British sources.

According to intelligence reports, all of this "once again demonstrates the ineffectiveness of Russian air defenses in protecting key locations, despite their enhanced preparedness. The scale of the Russian response is likely indicative of the level of success achieved by the Ukrainian armed forces' actions of 4 January 2024".

Инфографика – X (Twitter) Ministry of Defence
Infographic – X (Twitter) Ministry of Defence

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