Ukraine's intelligence chief: Crimean Bridge must end its existence, not a tragedy for Putin
Kyrylo Budanov (Screenshot from the video)

The Crimean Bridge illegally built by the occupiers will cease to exist in 2024, and this won't be a tragedy for Russian dictator Putin, the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, shared his thoughts in an interview during a telethon.

"Attacks on Russian strategic objects [in the temporarily occupied Crimea] have been ongoing for over a year. The fact that there will be more of it is also true, as our industry is also increasing volumes. The Ministry of Strategic Industries has significantly increased production... Well, I hope for it [the Crimean bridge's fall]. It doesn’t need to burn, it needs to end its existence," he stated.

The Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate expressed his desire to believe that the Crimean Bridge might cease to exist this year.

When asked whether the destruction of the Crimean Bridge would be a pretext for Russia to use tactical nuclear weapons, Budanov responded, "So we are going back to 2022 again. What does it mean, whether he [Putin] is ready? Who cares what he is ready or not ready for? There's an objective reality."

According to Budanov, if the Russian dictator had been asked on February 24, 2022, whether he was ready to fight for several years, he would have said, "No, what are you talking about." However, Budanov said, there is an objective reality – and unpleasant things happen for both sides of the war.

"Therefore, there's no need to dramatize this situation. The fact that it [the destruction of the Crimean Bridge] will be painful [for Putin] – well, probably. To say that it's a tragedy and, excuse me, he will have a seizure, that's not true," the head of military intelligence stated.

REFERENCE.  On July 17, 2023, at 03:04 and 03:20, explosion sounds were heard in Kerch. The occupiers reported an "emergency" near the 145th bridge support from the side of the Krasnodar Krai, Russia. After 10:00, Russian authorities wrote about an attack by two "Ukrainian" aqua drones. Sources at the SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) told that the attack on the bridge was a special operation by the SBU and the Navy. Later, the SBU acknowledged this, and a documentary film about the special operation was released.

The bridge was damaged for the second time: on October 8, 2022, a truck exploded, igniting the fuel tanks of a train traveling on the rail part of the bridge, causing several sections of the roadway to fall into the water. On July 8, 2023, the Ministry of Defense acknowledged that Ukraine was responsible.

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