Long-range ATACMS missiles omitted as White House finalizes new military aid for Kyiv
Jake Sullivan (Photo: EPA)

Joe Biden has decided that the United States will not provide ATACMS in the new package of military aid to Ukraine for now, Jake Sullivan, US President's National Security Adviser, told Voice of America.

"Today, the US president will announce the transfer of weapons and equipment that will help Ukraine maintain the momentum of the counteroffensive," he said, adding that the ATACMS, which Ukraine has been waiting for for a long time, will not be there.

At the same time, according to him, Biden does not remove this issue from the discussion.

Sullivan also said that the Abrams tanks "will arrive in the coming days and weeks, on schedule." However, he added that he would not disclose the details for security reasons.

In general, the planned package of aid to Ukraine from the United States will include TOW and AT4 anti-tank weapons, GMLRS rockets for HIMARS systems, Javelin anti-tank missiles and other equipment.

In addition, Washington plans to transfer more Avenger short-range air defense systems, which use Stinger missiles, to Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Spain announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine, which contains armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, military trucks, ambulances, and inflatable boats.

On Thursday, Sweden handed Ukraine 10 Stridsvagn 122 tanks, which are a modernized analogue of the German Leopard 2A5. Together with them, Ukrainian military personnel who trained in Sweden will return home.