Ukraine's security secretary to Putin on "demilitarized zone": Will extend at least to Moscow

Such a zone will indeed be established, but it will be located on the territory of the Russian Federation, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said, commenting on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's statement about a "demilitarized zone" in Ukraine.

On Thursday, February 1, Putin addressed the Russian people, discussing the objective of pushing Ukrainian artillery as far away from the frontline as possible. He emphasized the idea of a "demilitarized" or "sanitary" zone in Ukraine, claiming that "this line must be at such a distance from our territory to prevent strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

Danilov responded, "This demilitarized zone will extend at least to Moscow, to Saint Petersburg; we will push it forward. The only place they can quack from is no closer than the Ural. Believe me, it will be so. Because the civilized world's response to the crimes committed by those terrorists led by the modern Hitler named Putin will not go unpunished; they will be held accountable."

The NSDC Secretary stated that the "demilitarized zone" will run "along completely different meridians and parallels" than Putin would prefer.

"It will definitely be Russian territory, not Ukraine's," Danilov said.

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