Defense Forces gradually ousting Russians from Kharkiv Oblast – Zelenskyy
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: Office of the President)

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are gradually ousting the Russians from Kharkiv Oblast,  President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in an evening address.

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"The first is the reports of the military. They reported on the front: first of all, Pokrovsk and other axes in Donetsk Oblast. Also Kharkiv Oblast. Our forces are succeeding in gradually ousting the occupier from Kharkiv Oblast," he said.

In the evening briefing, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that the situation in Kharkiv Oblast remains tense, defenders are continuing measures to strengthen the defense.

On June 16, there were 14 Russian attacks near Vovchansk and one near the village of Lyptsi. In the town of Vovchansk itself, the Defense Forces repelled 10 assaults, the military wrote.

The General Staff has not reported on counteroffensive actions so far.

Мапа: Deepstate
Map: Deepstate
Мапа: Deepstate
Map: Deepstate

On June 12, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the occupation forces were bogged down in Vovchansk, despite the forces and resources involved, which they are constantly replenishing with people from units fighting in other sectors.

On June 16, at the Global Peace Summit, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine's task today is to prevent the Russian invasion in Kharkiv Oblast from succeeding in offensive actions. However, he noted that the situation in the region has already become better thanks to the actions of Ukrainian defenders.

On June 17, the army commander reported that the nature of the Russians' actions had not changed significantly, and that they were now concentrating their main efforts on the Pokrovsk axis.