Details emerge of security agreement between Ukraine, US to strengthen partnership
Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden (Photo: EPA/ETTORE FERRARI)

The President's Office published the full text of the security agreement between Ukraine and the United States, which was signed by the leaders of the two countries on June 13. The document contains provisions on military cooperation, development of the Ukrainian army, US assistance in Ukraine's implementation of reforms necessary for European and North Atlantic integration, etc.

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Help in case of a repeated attack

In the event that Ukraine is again attacked by Russia or another country, Washington and Kyiv should immediately hold a meeting, preferably within 24 hours at the highest level.

By mutual agreement, decisions can be made on defense and deterrence measures in the economic, military or political spheres, in particular, it can be sanctions against the aggressor or export controls.

Cooperation in the field of defense and security as a means of building the future Armed Forces of Ukraine

This includes cooperation in:

  • Training and military education programs;
  • Provision of defense articles and services;
  • Combined military maneuvers and exercises;
  • Increased defense industrial cooperation consistent with applicable agreements and arrangements between the Parties;
  • Continued joint planning to confront threats to the Parties, including guiding principles, respective rules of engagement, and command and control, as appropriate;
  • Cooperation to promote cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure;
  • Cooperation to develop Ukraine’s capabilities to counter Russian and any other propaganda and disinformation;
  • Cooperation to promote regional peace and security in the Black Sea;
  • Cooperation to support unexploded ordnance removal and demining;
  • Other cooperation as may be mutually decided upon by the Parties.

Ukraine and the United States also agree to promote appropriate intelligence sharing and deepening of cooperation between their intelligence services, the scope and order of which will be determined by their respective intelligence and security agencies.

US assistance in carrying out the reforms necessary for Ukraine to join the EU and NATO

Ukraine and the United States undertake to cooperate for the implementation of reforms of democratic, economic, defense and security institutions on the way to the EU and NATO.

According to the agreement, Ukraine should make efforts to:

  • Strengthening Ukrainian justice sector reform to promote the independence and integrity of the judiciary;
  • Implementing robust anti-corruption measures, including strengthening all independent state anti-corruption institutions such as the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine;
  • Implementing reforms in law enforcement, security, tax, and customs institutions to resolve jurisdictional issues, and to improve transparency and accountability and strengthen the rule of law;
  • Bolstering corporate governance to meet Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development principles in state-owned and defense enterprises to encourage foreign investor confidence and investment;
  • Adopting NATO standards of transparency, accountability, and competition in the management and oversight of security and procurement policy and practice;
  • Transforming defense planning and resource management systems to increase transparency, improve efficiency, and increase interoperability with NATO;
  • Reorganizing command and control structures in accordance with NATO principles to increase interoperability and ensure effective civilian oversight;
  • Modernizing defense human resource management and military education systems to align with NATO principles and standards.

In the agreement, the USA confirms that the future of Ukraine lies in NATO. The parties recognize that this agreement serves as a link to Ukraine's future membership in the Alliance.

Development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The United States undertakes to support Ukraine in building a multi-level, integrated air and missile defense system.

In particular, it includes:

→  development of movement and maneuver doctrine and capabilities, to include sustainment of legacy armored, mechanized, and motorized capabilities, and to work with allies and partners to support the acquisition of modern platforms to support Ukraine’s maneuver force requirements.

→ modernization of Ukraine’s Air Force, including working toward procurement of squadrons of modern fighter aircraft, sustainment, armament, and associated training to support fourth generation fighter capability (including, but not limited to, F-16 multi-role aircraft), as well as other air domain capabilities such as transport and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms (including unmanned).

→ The United States, in coordination with allies and partners, commits to support the improvement of Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territorial waters and promote Black Sea regional security.

The agreement will be valid for 10 years from the moment of its signing.

On April 28, 2024, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine's security agreement with the United States should be the most powerful among identical agreements already concluded with other allies.

On June 13, Zelenskyy and Biden signed a security agreement.

In total, Ukraine has already concluded 17 bilateral security agreements: with Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, and Japan.