CIA director warns Ukraine could lose war by end of year without US help
William Burns (Photo: EPA)

If aid for Ukraine is not approved now, Kyiv could lose the war by the end of the year, CIA Director William Burns told American lawmakers on Capitol Hill on April 18, Politico reported.

Speaking at an event at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, Burns urged U.S. lawmakers to approve a supplemental program that would provide billions of dollars in military assistance to Ukraine.

"With the boost that would come from military assistance, both practically and psychologically, Ukrainians are entirely capable of holding their own through 2024 and puncturing Putin’s arrogant view that time is on his side," he said.

But if Congress does not approve the decision, Burns believes "the picture is a lot more dire."

"There is a very real risk that the Ukrainians could lose on the battlefield by the end of 2024, or at least put Putin in a position where he could essentially dictate the terms of a political settlement," he said.

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