Slovak PM: Do you seriously think there's war in Kyiv? Life in the city is absolutely normal
Robert Fico (Photo: EPA)

Life in Kyiv is "absolutely normal" and there is "no war" in the city, stated Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on January 23rd, amid an upcoming meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Denys Shmyhal.

This statement was made just hours after the Russian army carried out a combined massive missile attack, as reported by Reuters.

During a briefing in eastern Slovakia, a journalist asked Fico if it would be advisable for him to visit Kyiv to better understand the full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia, now in its second year, to which he responded that it's not a war, but a "local conflict."

"Do you seriously think that there is a war in Kyiv? You must be joking, please, I hope you are not serious. Go there and you will see that there is a normal life in the city, absolutely normal life," said the Slovak Prime Minister.

Fico also added that it would be "more practical" to meet with Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal in Uzhgorod, which he said was chosen by the Ukrainian side after Fico first expressed a desire to visit Ukraine.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th, and it is known that Fico will announce humanitarian aid but will express his intention to block Ukraine's entry into NATO.

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