Czech FM vows 300,000 shell shipment to give Ukrainian military 'several months' reprieve at front
Yan Lipavsky (Photo: EPA/Georgi Licovski)

The Czech Republic is nearing a decision to provide Ukraine with thousands of much-needed artillery shells, according to Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský, whose remarks were reported by The Guardian.

According to him, Czechia currently has 300,000 shells that will provide "a vital few months’ breathing space" on the front line.

The first deliveries will reportedly arrive by June.

"We have a direct experience with 40 years of being a satellite of Moscow, being a country which was invaded in 1968 by Russian tanks to curb the Prague Spring," Lipavský said.

The Czech Republic could not stand aside and watch Ukraine remain without military aid, the diplomat stated.

On February 17, during the Munich Security Conference, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, announced that 800,000 shells could be sent to Ukraine within a few weeks, if funding is secured.

On March 7, Pavel stated that the Allies had collected all the necessary money for the purchase of 800,000 artillery shells for Ukraine.

On March 8, national security advisor and coordinator of the initiative Tomáš Pojar denied the words of the president of the Czech Republic that the funds for the purchase of 800,000 artillery shells had been collected, and added that only 300,000 ammunition rounds were paid for.