We will respond to attacks on energy facilities, def min says
Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov. Photo: EPA

Ukrainian defence minister Rustem Umerov believes that Russia will focus on attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure as winter approaches, mimicking the tactics used last year to force Ukrainians into capitulation.

In an interview with CNN, Mr Umerov said that Russia will once again intensify attacks on critical infrastructure with the onset of cold weather.

"But we will respond," he added, without providing details.

The Ukrainian defence ministry chief also pledged for more advanced weapons that will "be game-changers" on the battlefield, including the F-16 fighter jets.

"I hope the jets will soon come and we will make progress. We need these weapons to regain the territories and have an advantage on the battlefield," he said.

The Ukrainian energy ministry assumes that Russia will resume attacks on the energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather. It hopes to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian power system in cooperation with international partners.

Russia’s missile attack on 21 September, one of the biggest over the last months, left energy facilities damaged and power supply disrupted in a number of settlements