Russian missile attack damages Ukrainian power facilities
Photo: Yevhen Pylypenko /

Russia’s latest missile attack early on Thursday has left energy facilities damaged and power supply disrupted in a number of settlements, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO of Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian state energy company, has said.

The strike damaged some energy facilities in the central and western Ukrainian regions, although power supply to the main grid has already been restored and the households are being reconnected.

"We have no illusions. We read the intelligence reports and know that the enemy is cynical and cruel, and all moral and legal boundaries have long since been crossed," Mr Kudrytskyi posted on Facebook.

"That is why we are preparing for any possible scenario."

Preparations for the heating season are ongoing, the CEO of Ukrenergo added, saying that the company takes into account last year’s experience.

Earlier, Mr Kudrytskyi recommended that Ukrainians hold onto power generators since it is impossible to predict the likelihood of blackouts or power cuts during the winter.

The Ukrainian energy ministry assumes that Russia will resume attacks on the energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather. It hopes to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian power system in cooperation with international partners.