Group of congressmen urges US to allow Ukraine to strike Russia with American weapons
Illustrative photo - ERA

A group of U.S. congressmen from both parties has written to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin asking that Ukrainian forces be allowed to use Western weapons to attack Russian territory. The letter was published by the House Intelligence Committee on X.

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The letter states that Ukrainian soldiers cannot effectively defend themselves due to the current policy of President Joe Biden's administration, which they believe needs to be changed.

"Our Ukrainian allies are requesting permission to use certain weapons provided by the United States to conduct operations on strategic targets inside Russian or Russian-controlled territory," the letter reads.

The signatories believe that the Biden administration should allow Ukraine to "conduct a full spectrum of operations necessary to respond to Russian unprovoked attack."

The letter also calls for increasing the number of Ukrainian pilots trained on F-16 fighters and strengthening Ukraine's air defenses.

The letter was signed by 13 members of Congress.

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