HUR: Ivanovets was the pride of Russia's fleet, they had only three. Now, minus one
Andriy Yusov (Photo: Valentina Polishchuk/

It was an effective special operation, as Russia had only three such boats – now two, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) Andriy Yusov commented on the destruction of the Russian missile corvette Ivanovets in temporarily occupied Crimea.

Yusov said that high-quality Ukrainian naval drones helped to destroy Ivanovets, continuing to demonstrate their effectiveness.

"We witnessed a direct hit, footage now seen by the entire world. It is a serious, important, and successful special operation by the HUR and Group 13, and such operations will undoubtedly continue," stated the HUR representative.

He said that it is "truly a significant result," as the Russian Black Sea Fleet had only three similar missile boats, and now – minus one.

Yusov stated that Ivanovets was to some extent the "pride" of the occupiers' fleet, but "this pride could not handle the challenges" – the corvette was destroyed during its combat duty "with no hope for recovery," and rescue efforts also yielded no results.

The HUR released a video of the missile boat's destruction: