HUR causes massive disruption in occupiers' drone control system
Russian drone operator (Photo: resource of the occupiers)

A successful cyber operation by its experts against Russian invaders – as of February 8, the occupiers are complaining about a massive malfunction in the drone control software, The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (HUR) reports.

Russians install this software for reprogramming Chinese DJI drones for combat operations.

The HUR says that this software allows Russian drone operators to:

→ set up control consoles and create new ones;

→ capture video and transmit the feed to the command post;

→ control the drone from a computer (not through a console).

With the help of web servers, this Russian drone reprogramming project ensures the functioning of a friend or foe system.

Preliminary data suggests that as a result of the cyber attack by Ukraine's military intelligence, the occupiers' servers stopped working, causing all software to be recognized as "foreign" and denying the invaders access.

"Without access to the servers, and therefore to the system, controlling drones from consoles is likely impossible," the HUR says.

Currently, the Russians are trying to solve the problem in various ways, including switching to manual control mode

Фото: ГУР
Photo: GUR

Among other products, DJI manufactures Mavic drones, which are used by both Ukrainian defenders and Russian invaders. These drones are used for aerial reconnaissance as well as for dropping munitions on the enemy (for which a specific system is installed).

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