Government facilitates import of components for drones during martial law

The Ukrainian government has simplified the procedure for importing components for drones into Ukraine during martial law, announced the Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the relevant resolution on Thursday.

Fedorov noted that now drone manufacturers will not need to receive an opinion from the Security Service of Ukraine.

Previously, it took up to 15 days for this document, and the examination itself delayed the process of importing components for drones, the minister stated.

The decision concerns GPS modules and thermal cameras, among other items. According to the official, simplifying the procedure will speed up the import, assembly and delivery of these components to the front.

He added that the government continues to work on the elimination of other "blockers" — in particular, it is making changes to the customs and tax codes so that importers of drones do not have to pay import duties and VAT on UAVs and components during martial law.

On January 30, the Ministry of Defense announced the signing of contracts with 16 Ukrainian manufacturers of drones. According to Minister Oleksii Reznikov, in 2023, the department plans to spend about UAH 20 billion ($542 million) on the purchase of UAVs for the Armed Forces, but "this is only the beginning."

On March 24, the Cabinet of Ministers simplified the conditions for the production of military drones, which is expected to significantly speed up the creation and supply of Ukrainian-produced UAVs to the front and create conditions for the rapid development of Ukrainian military technology.