Woman killed as a result of latest Russian missile attack on Kyiv
Illustrative image. Kyiv (Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs)

An elderly woman died as a result of a massive missile attack in the Solomyanskyi district of Kyiv, reported the mayor of the city Vitaliy Klitschko.

The woman died in the ambulance. Another 27 injured people were hospitalized.

The Kyiv military administration announced that debris had fallen in several districts. In Holosiyivskyi, debris fell on an open area, in Pecherskyi, on the roof of a nine-story building and on a multi-story building, in Obolonskyi, on a non-residential building.

In addition, a gas pipe in the Podilskyi district was also damaged.

The mayor stated that some objects and residential buildings were de-energized, in some areas there is no pressure in the water supply network.

On New Year's Eve, the Russians attacked Ukraine with Shahed suicide drones and fired missiles. Ukrainian defenders destroyed 87 out of 90 drones – a record number of UAVs.

As a result of another attack by the Russian Federation on Lviv Oblast, the museum of Roman Shukhevych was destroyed and the building of the university, where Stepan Bandera had tudied, was damaged.