China supports "peace" on Russia's terms – Ukraine politician
Oleksandr Merezhko (Photo: press service of the Servant of the People Party)

China's rhetoric about a peace conference "recognized by Russia and Ukraine" means that China supports "peace" on Russian terms, the head of the Committee on Foreign Policy of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleksandr Merezhko, said in a commentary for

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Merezhko stated that this statement means that China supports its strategic partner Russia. In the politician's opinion, China is trying to do this in such a way that it appears to be "supposedly neutral and advocating for peace," but in reality, it is not interested in Russia's defeat and will do everything to prevent it.

"When China says that it is in favor of a peace conference on the condition that Russia participates in it, this means that it is in favor of 'peace' on the terms of Russia," said Merezhko.

He stated that China is currently providing support to Russia, without which it would have faced serious economic and military problems.

"Somewhere it does it openly, and somewhere secretly, through third countries. However, it tries to do it carefully so as not to face sanctions from the United States and Europe," said Merezhko.

On March 7, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that China "supports the holding of an international peace conference that will be recognized by both Russia and Ukraine."

The peace conference "should ensure the participation of all parties and an honest discussion of all peace plans," according to him. Wang Yi said that "all conflicts should end at the negotiating table."

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