Ukraine's FM: We would not have lost Avdiivka if US Congress had timely approved aid
Dmytro Kuleba (Photo: MFA)

Ukrainian forces likely would not have had to retreat from Avdiivka if the US Congress had timely approved additional funding for Ukraine, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told CNN.

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The head of Ukrainian diplomacy is convinced that Ukraine would not have lost Avdiivka if it had received all the necessary artillery ammunition for its defense.

"People need to understand one simple thing. Adopting the law is important, but delivering staff to the frontline takes time. And while this decision is still pending, and then add logistics, all of this time our soldiers will be sacrificing their lives at the front line, holding up against an overwhelming force of Russia," Kuleba said.

The reason Ukrainian fighters "have to sacrifice themselves and die is because someone is still debating a decision."

The Minister said that he respects the domestic politics of the U.S. and does not intend to interfere.

"But I just want everyone to remember that every day of debate in one place means another death in another," Kuleba said.

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