Lithuania delivers military aid package and plans to expand training for Ukrainian Armed Forces
Armed Forces of Ukraine (Photo: Facebook, General Staff)

A new batch of military aid from Lithuania has arrived in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the necessary field equipment and tens of thousands of dry rations. It has also been reported that Lithuanian instructors plan to train 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers in 2024. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Baltic countries and the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

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According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the Lithuanian Armed Forces have transported and handed over the necessary field equipment and tens of thousands of dry rations to the Ukrainian military.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said that various field equipment is especially necessary for the troops in the winter.

"We continue to make every effort to facilitate Ukraine's difficult struggle against a brutal aggressor. A variety of outdoor equipment is essential for soldiers in the winter season. Each of our support packages is an additional step towards victory," he said.

Фото: Міністерство оборони Литви
Photo: Ministry of Defense of Lithuania

According to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, in 2023 Lithuanian army instructors trained 2,900 Ukrainian soldiers, and in 2024 the country's Armed Forces plan to train another 3,500 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2023, according to the army, 1,600 Ukrainian soldiers were trained directly in Lithuania in 88 different courses, and sappers were trained as part of Lithuania's initiative with the Nordic countries.

Next year, Lithuanian instructors will be involved in the training of about 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers – again within the framework of the EU mission EUMAM, Operation Interflex in the UK, as well as directly in Lithuania, the armed forces noted.

The Lithuanian army reported that Ukrainian military personnel are being trained using the infrastructure of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and at joint courses with the UK, Germany, and Northern European countries.

On November 10, 2023, the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania confirmed that it had handed over two launchers for NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.

On November 22, Ukraine received three million 7.62×51 mm cartridges, remote detonation systems and winter equipment from Lithuania.

On December 15, the Armed Forces of Lithuania sent to Ukraine several million cartridges and several thousand RPG ammunition, as well as about 1,000 shells.