DPA removes Macron's statement that US and Germany are main opponents of Ukraine joining NATO
Emmanuel Macron (Photo: AURELIEN MORISSARD / EPA)

The United States and Germany are the main opponents of Ukraine joining NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron stated on the eve of the Alliance's summit in Washington, according to the DPA agency. The media later deleted this news. The reason for this is unknown. The following text is based on the deleted DPA news. 

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The French leader noted "strong opposition" from the U.S. and Germany regarding inviting Ukraine to NATO.

He said: "In the end, it will be a decision by the allies to invite Ukraine to join NATO."

Macron also dealt another blow to Ukraine's hopes for progress in joining NATO, recalling the country's outrage at the lack of an invitation at the NATO summit in Vilnius in 2023.

"The Ukrainians were quite annoyed when they concluded that the door [to NATO] was open, but not that much. And I think the scenario for the Washington summit is the same," he said.

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