Swedish DM: Russia has been quicker on its feet than Euro-Atlantic community
Pal Jonson (Photo: EPA)

NATO countries need up to two years to reach the desired potential for supplying Ukraine with weapons, Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson said in an interview with Bloomberg.

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"Russia has been quicker on its feet than the Euro-Atlantic community. I expect us to be catching up but I think it will take a year or two until we see the full effect," he emphasized.

The Swedish Defense Minister said it would take up to two years after the country became a NATO member to achieve the desired potential to provide Ukraine with more ammunition and strengthen its own armed forces.

Jonson also outlined three goals for Sweden in the defense sector: ensuring Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia, integrating Sweden into the Alliance, and increasing the size of the country's armed forces.

The Defense Minister noted that Sweden has already doubled its military spending since 2020 and plans to spend 2.6% of its GDP on defense by 2030. He believes this may not be enough in the short term to counter an adversary that is shifting its economy to a war footing.

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