Mobilization in Ukraine: Police outline who is considered draft dodger and consequences
Photo: Odesa Territorial Centre of Recruitment and Social Support

If an individual obligated for military service evades the summons for verification of military registration data, they are subject to administrative liability, but if they have completed the verification and medical examination but avoided deployment to the military, they face criminal liability, according to information provided to by the press service of the National Police.

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"Information about this is entered into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, and if this fact is established, a pre-trial investigation begins — based on materials provided by the Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support," the statement said.

If a court finds the person guilty, they could face imprisonment ranging from three to five years.

Meanwhile, the treatment of a person whose guilt has not been recognized by the court must correspond to the treatment of an innocent person.

Maxym Tsutskiridze, the First Deputy Head of the National Police, stated that individuals who have received a suspended sentence for evading military service are still subject to conscription.