Ukraine anti-graft agency announced website for whistleblowers

21.08.2023, 07:32
Ukraine anti-graft agency announced website for whistleblowers - Photo
NAZK Head Oleksandr Novikov. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An online portal for people to report corruption cases will launch in Ukraine next month, the head of the national agency on corruption prevention, or NAZK, announced on Monday.

Speaking on national television, Oleksandr Novikov said the portal will allow employees to send anonymous reports about corruption in their respective companies. Those will be provided to either the company's management or the law enforcement.

“Hopefully in the first days of September, the [NAZK] will launch a whistleblower portal,” Mr Novikov said.

He added the portal will be “the most modern in the world”, taking into account EU recommendations and other countries’ experience in handling whistleblowers’ reports.

“The culture of whistleblowing is very important, because without responsible citizens, such as whistleblowers, we will not build zero tolerance to corruption,” Mr Novikov explained.

He added that anonymous whistleblowers will be able to receive 10 percent of the funds related to a corruption offence following a court decision — which is limited to UAH 14 million (USD 379,700) by law.

In early 2023, Transparency International ranked Ukraine 116th among 180 countries in terms of corruption perception, which is the best ranking of Ukraine since its methodology was updated.

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