NATO calls China "decisive enabler" in Russia's war against Ukraine, Beijing responds
Flag of China (Illustrative photo: Mark Cristino/EPA)

NATO members in their final declaration recognized China as a "decisive enabler" in Russian aggression against Ukraine due to its support for Russia's military-industrial complex and the so-called "no limits" partnership. Beijing accused the Alliance of slander and warned it to stay as far away from Asia as possible, reports the Financial Times, citing a statement from China.

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In the document, NATO leaders called on China to cease any material and political support for Russia's military efforts, including the transfer of dual-use materials such as weapon components, equipment, and raw materials that serve as resources for Russia's defense sector.

"The PRC cannot enable the largest war in Europe in recent history without this negatively impacting its interests and reputation," the declaration states.

Beijing, in a statement quoted by the FT, said it had sent a protest to NATO regarding the accusations, which it called "provocative with obvious lies and slander."

China's mission to the EU stated that China has sought a political settlement and has never provided lethal weapons to either side of the conflict, adding that its "normal trade flows" with Russia should not be disrupted or coerced.

Beijing also warned the Alliance to stay out of Asia, which it described as "a place for peaceful development, not a wrestling ground for geopolitical competition."

"NATO keeps playing up the interlink between Europe's security and the security in Asia-Pacific. We urge NATO to stay within its role as a regional defensive organization in the North-Atlantic. NATO should not become the disrupter of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific or a tool used by certain power to maintain hegemony," the statement said.

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