China must face consequences for supporting Russia's war against Ukraine – NATO secretary general
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping (Photo: EPA)

The People's Republic of China must face the consequences of supporting Russia's war against Ukraine if it does not change its policy, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with the BBC.

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Stoltenberg noted that Beijing is trying to get the best out of the situation by supporting Russia's military efforts as well as trying to maintain relations with its European allies.

However, the official believes that such a policy of the PRC cannot work in the long term.

When asked what NATO member states can do about Beijing's support for Moscow, the Alliance secretary general said that there was "ongoing conversation" regarding possible sanctions.

He added that the PRC shares with Russia many technologies, in particular, microelectronics, which are key for the aggressor in the creation of missiles and other weapons that it uses against Ukraine.

According to Stoltenberg, at some stage the allies must consider a certain economic price for Beijing if it does not change its behavior.

China is already under some sanctions for supporting the Russian Federation. In May, the United States announced restrictions that will apply to about 20 companies based in the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong, the BBC wrote.

On May 22, the British defense secretary said that American and British intelligence have evidence that China is preparing to provide lethal aid to the Russian Federation for use in the war against Ukraine.

On the same day, the US president's national security adviser said that Washington had no information about direct arms supplies from China to Russia.

On June 17, Stoltenberg announced that NATO is negotiating the deployment of more nuclear weapons in the face of an increasing threat from Russia and China.