Pentagon reveals list of weapons included in largest package for Ukrainian army worth $6 billion
NASAMS system (Photo: Raytheon)

As part of the $6 billion military aid package announced during the Ramstein-21 meeting, Ukraine will receive equipment to strengthen its air defense, artillery, drones, and other weapons, according to the US Department of Defense website.

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The new military aid package includes:

→ additional ammunition for Patriot, NASAMS, and HIMARS systems;

→ precision aerial munitions;

→ 155mm and 152mm artillery rounds;

→ Switchblade and Puma (UAS) drones;

→ equipment and systems for countering drones;

→ multi-mission and counter-artillery radars;

→ ammunition for laser-guided rocket systems;

→ small arms and additional ammunition;

→ tactical vehicles for towing weapons and equipment;

→ components to support Ukrainian production of UAS and other capabilities;

→ equipment for integrating air defense Western launchers, missiles, and radars with Ukraine's air defense systems.