NATO must plan for 'worst case' of Russia attack in 5 years, says German defense minister
Boris Pistorius (Photo: EPA/CLEMENS BILAN)

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius believes that Western countries should prepare for the "worst case scenario" in which Russia may attack them as well, reports Bloomberg.

"I can’t predict if and when an attack on NATO territory might occur. But it could happen in five to eight years," Pistorius said, urging Europe and NATO members to prepare for the "worst case scenario."

The German defense chief noted that Moscow's aggression, if not stopped, could negatively affect cooperation in the field of security, as well as harm US defense contractors.

It would also weaken Europe as a whole and disrupt the bloc's trade relations with the world's largest economy, Pistorius added.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a threat to the "rules-based international order," he stressed.

"Less security in Europe means less security for the United States. We shouldn’t take freedom for granted. We have to defend it. We have to fight for it if necessary," Pistorius said, emphasizing the importance of further support for Ukraine.

On January 19, Pistorius said that Berlin cannot yet increase military aid to Ukraine, as some Western allies would like, since it has already given "everything and even more."

On January 24, the German defense minister announced that his country would continue to help Ukraine in 2024. In particular, the Federal Republic of Germany plans to train 10,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces, as well as supply tanks and other equipment.

Also in an interview, German Defense Minister Pistorius said that Russia has switched to a military economy, although his country does not need it. He also emphasized that today Germany sends weapons and ammunition to Ukraine almost every day.