US assistance to Ukraine: Biden agrees to immigration policy strengthening – WSJ
Joe Biden (Photo: ERA/SHAWN THEW)

U.S. President Joe Biden has agreed to improve immigration policy, demanded by Republicans to avoid criticism and provide aid to Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported

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In the Senate, an immigration deal is being crafted to limit migrants' ability to seek asylum. It is expected to be approved in exchange for new military aid for Ukraine and Israel. WSJ notes that it "has significant chances, although Republicans are proposing tougher conditions."

Journalists highlight that Biden has rarely been involved in the fight for immigration reform throughout his career.

Thus, the American leader compromises with Congress, not only to ensure aid to Ukraine but also in response to criticism among Americans.

According to CBS News polls conducted in early January, Biden's rating on handling immigration issues was at a record low: 68% of respondents disapproved of his immigration policy, and 63% wanted the president to strengthen it.

Earlier, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that he expects consideration of aid to Ukraine next week. U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized that further assistance to Ukraine would only be approved after resolving border security issues with Mexico.

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