"Patriot destruction" looks like fake for pressure amid destruction of first HIMARS — analyst
Valentyn Badrak (Photo: screenshot from the video)

Western experts do not confirm the destruction of the launchers of the Patriot air defense system, as claimed by Russian propaganda, Valentyn Badrak, Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, said in an interview with LIGA.net.

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He states it is more likely to be fake information for psychological pressure amid the first destroyed HIMARS.

"This is when negative information absorbs all other topics. So far, it looks like that, but it cannot be ruled out. Let's see the reactions," Badrak said.

He said losing the first HIMARS system is more psychological, but it shows that the Russians have improved their intelligence capabilities.

"They are systematically hunting for our systems. Considering this happened 40 km from the front, our military was a bit relaxed. It stayed exactly long enough for the enemy to be able to fix the coordinates," the analyst said.

The expert also noted that the military did not take a set of measures to avoid a strike on the installation – this is about detecting an enemy drone, communication, and other measures.

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