Rebels: Occupiers fire at residents and houses in Russia just like in Ukraine
Photo: Freedom of Russia Legion (Telegram)

In the Kursk and Belgorod oblasts, where hostilities are ongoing, Russian forces are behaving in the same way as they are in Ukraine, not caring about people or civilian objects, according to the spokesman for the Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL) volunteer Alexey Baranovsky.

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"They behave the same as they do on the territory of Ukraine. They do not take into account the destruction, or the threat to the civilian population. If they think that we are on some street, for example, they start to fire there from all kinds of weapons. With mortars, with artillery, with everything," Baranovsky said.

Sometimes the Russian Army does not find Legion fighters, but still fires at residential buildings and people, he added.

The FRL spokesman said that Putin's army does not care about Ukraine or its homeland.

"This is their style of warfare. Cannon fodder and scorched earth – that's all their 'military art'," Baranovsky said.

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