Ukraine parliament passes e-declaration law, mandating public disclosure
Verkhovna Rada (Photo: press service of the parliament)

The Verkhovna Rada approved President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's veto and adopted the amended law on the restoration of e-declaration, Golos MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak reports.

Changes in the law provide for the opening of declarations immediately, previously there were plans to open them after a year.

The register will not contain declarations of military personnel and people staying in temporarily occupied territories.

The declarations of employees of territorial military recruitment centers, military medical commissions, and rear procurements will be open.

On September 5, the Verkhovna Rada voted to restore e-declaration for officials and members of councils and the parliament, but refused to adopt the main amendment on the immediate opening of the registers.

After that, the president vetoed this law. He noted that the restrictions on declaration are unacceptable, and the registers should be opened now.

Draft law No. 9534 provides, in particular, for the submission of declarations for 2023, as well as 2021 and 2022. They must be submitted no later than 90 days after the entry into force of the law.

Adoption of this law is necessary for Ukraine, in particular, to start negotiations on joining the EU.

341 parliamentarians voted for this ;aw opening of declarations.

Zheleznyak lists voting by factions:

→ Servant of the People – 214

→ European Solidarity – 22

→ Batkivshchyna – 13

→ Platform for Life and Peace – 18

→ For Future – 11

→ Golos – 18

→ Dovira – 17

→ Restoration of Ukraine – 12

→ Extra-fractional – 16

The next day after the adoption of the previous version of the Law by the Rada, a petition appeared on the President's website with a call to open the register of property declarations of officials, returning the draft law to the parliament. In a few hours, it received the required number of votes – more than 25,000.

Two MPs are on the list of roll-call votes among those who voted "against" the amendment on opening declarations with immediate effect. A total of 29 people abstained and did not vote at all – 87 lawmakers from all factions.

On September 6, Zelenskyy said that he should consult with the relevant minister before adopting or vetoing the law on closed e-declarations.