Russian Volunteer Corps continues offensive near Belgorod, all reserves involved
Aleksandr "Fortuna" (Photo: screenshot from the video)

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) continues its operation in the Belgorod Oblast of Russia, as was reported by the chief of staff of the unit, Aleksandr, with the call sign "Fortuna," in an interview on the national telethon.

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The RVC is continuing its gradual advancement, developing its success in the offensive, he said.

"We are using all our potential and reserves along the entire line of contact. The fighting continues, the enemy's losses are constantly increasing," said the volunteer.

He noted that dictator Vladimir Putin's statements about supposedly "1500 dead" insurgents are fake.

"There are losses, but not on such a scale. The Russian Defense Ministry is fabricating unbelievable losses. There are new Russian prisoners of war," Fortuna stated.

The RDK chief of staff said that they are facing Russian border guards and motorized infantry in the border area.

"This means that we are achieving one of our goals – to draw Russian troops away from the front, there are also special units, but their number is small," he said.

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