Russia strikes Vovchansk, city turns into Bakhmut or Mariinka, says Ukraine's police chief
Evacuation from Vovchansk (Photo: EPA)

The Russian army has intensified shelling of the border town of Vovchansk in the Kharkiv Oblast, causing significant damage using a scorched earth tactic of first shelling a given area with artillery before moving in.

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Police are patrolling all districts of Vovchansk and offering people the chance to evacuate, the head of police in the Kharkiv Oblast, Volodymyr Tymoshko, told Ukrainian Radio Kharkiv.

Tymoshko said that over the past three days, Vovchansk has suffered in a way it has not since 2022, with the number of guided aerial bomb attacks increasing dramatically.

"In a sense, Vovchansk is turning into Bakhmut or Mariinka," he said.

The police chief said that the Russians are targeting not only the Ukrainian armed forces, but also the police, the State Emergency Service, and ambulances, as well as the buses that transport people.

Евакуація з Вовчанська (Фото: EPA)
Evacuation from Vovchansk (Photo: EPA)

Tymoshko noted that infantry fighting continues on the outskirts of Vovchansk, which affects the security situation. The police recommend that all residents leave the city. Police officers in official cars and buses are visiting all addresses of local residents and suggesting that they leave, he said.

"Cars with loudspeakers are constantly driving around, through which we offer evacuation. We are present on almost every street in Vovchansk. Yesterday we evacuated residents within 300-400 meters of the front line," the police chief said.

Вовчанськ, 13 травня (Мапа: Deepstate)
Vovchansk, May 13 (Map: Deepstate)

He noted that the Russian army is using a scorched-earth tactic: first, a certain area is shelled with artillery, guided aerial bombs, everything alive is burned out, and then they move into that area.

"Any resident who is not evacuated will suffer. Those who hope that nothing will change in their lives after the occupation are mistaken. Everything will change. To preserve life, we recommend leaving," he said.

Евакуація з Вовчанська (Фото: EPA)
Evacuation from Vovchansk (Photo: EPA)

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