Russia deploys 48 Iskander missile systems along the border with Ukraine – HUR
Iskander (Photo: Wikipedia)

As of February 2024, Russia has placed 48 launchers of the Iskander missile system along the Ukrainian border, Major General Vadym Skibitsky, deputy chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, told Interfax-Ukraine in an interview.

He said that Russia cannot produce a large number of Iskander systems. Therefore, compared to September of the previous year, two more launchers have appeared on the border with Ukraine.

"Two more launchers have been added, they formed an additional tactical group that is used for launching specifically ballistic missiles from the territory of Russia," Skibitsky stated.


Iskander is a family of "ground-to-ground" class ballistic operational-tactical missile systems. The maximum target destruction range of ballistic missiles from the Iskander-M system is no less than 500 km (publicly announced) and can reach up to 700 km (in the case of using a nuclear warhead or a lighter conventional one, according to expert estimates).

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