Russian puppet official threatens Moldova with ‘strike’ after Crimea bridge hit

A Russian-appointed puppet ‘governor’ of the occupied part of the Kherson region has threatened to strike at the territory of Moldova following the damage to a bridge linking mainland Ukraine to occupied Crimea.

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In a video circulating in Russian media, Volodymyr Saldo threatened that the Russians would strike at bridges in the neighbouring Odesa region and the Moldovan village of Giurgiulesti.

 "All these coordinates are known, so there will be a very serious response soon," he said without explaining why Moldova is threatened.

In 2006, Ukraine handed over 430 metres of the Danube and Prut rivers to Moldova and opened access to the Black Sea for the neighbouring country.

The M3 motorway, which connects the port of Giurgiulesti,  passes through the town of Vulcanesti, creating inconveniences for both transport and local residents.

In response to Mr Saldo’s remarks, Moldova’s foreign ministry said it would summon the Russian ambassador.

"The Republic of Moldova strongly condemns the threats against Moldova by the Russian representative in the occupied part of Ukraine. Direct threats against our country are absolutely unacceptable," it posted on Twitter.

Earlier on Thursday, Russian media reported Storm Shadow missiles had allegedly struck the bridge connecting mainland Ukraine and Crimea, as well as the crossing of Lake Syvash to the west.