Russia recruits 2000 Nepalese for war against Ukraine – Sky News
Illustrative photo: resource of the occupiers

Russia has recruited around 2000 Nepalese men to participate in the war against Ukraine, according to Sky News citing Russian immigration data and testimonies from Nepalese mercenaries.

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The publication states that it was already illegal for Nepalese citizens to fight on the side of foreign military forces, including Russian ones. Many Nepalese say they were given student or tourist visas to enter Russia.

In January of this year, the Nepalese government banned citizens from traveling to work in Russia or Ukraine and asked Moscow to return all recruited Nepalese to their homeland. The government says that 246 Nepalese are currently fighting on the side of Russia, and at least 21 have been killed, according to Sky News.

Superintendent Nawaraj Adhikari said that the Nepalese police are already taking action against agents who help to arrange documents for crossing the Russian border and illegal warfare and have already arrested 22 suspects.

Previously, on December 11, 2023, CNN reported that 15,000 Nepalese had joined the Russian army after the Russian government announced an attractive package for foreign fighters who could join the Russian army.

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