Russian rebels claim to have eliminated 452 Russian military personnel in Belgorod in two weeks
Freedom of Russia Legion (Photo: FRL)

Forces of the Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL), Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), and Sibir Battalion have eliminated 452 "Kremlin mercenaries" and wounded another 784 in Belgorod, as was reported by the Freedom of Russia Legion in its Telegram channel.

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Russian volunteers stated this number of Russian military personnel has been killed and wounded since the beginning of the "limited military operation", i.e. since March 12, and this is only in the city of Belgorod.

The FRL, RVC, and Sibir Battalion said they support the actions of the authorities of the Belgorod oblast regarding the evacuation of the local civilian population, and the closure of educational institutions and large shopping centers, as this helped to avoid mass casualties among the civilian population.

However, Russian rebels stated that these actions were not enough, so they urged local authorities to speed up the evacuation of civilians from the Belgorod and Kursk oblasts.

The FRL added that "Putin's forces are still using civilians as shields, placing their units in the residential sector."

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