Russian rebels: We'll move to other cities in Russia soon. Compatriots, join us
Photo: Valentyna Polishchuk /

Opposition volunteer formations to the ruling regime in Russia announced that they will "soon move to other cities" in Russia, and called on compatriots to join their ranks. 

The units said that residents of Kursk and Belgorod oblasts ignored the pseudo-elections and now no one can claim that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was elected legally, as was stated in a joint statement that the volunteers made at a press conference in Kyiv, reported by a journalist from

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"Together with our allies, we have proven to the whole world that Putin is losing control of the situation more and more every day, and is no longer able to protect even the borders of his own country," the statement said.

Volunteers stated that in a few days, they liberated two settlements from the Russian regime, and the Russian army lost "a huge amount" of equipment and more than a thousand of its soldiers, who were thrown in panic under the guns of the rebels.

The units said that even in a "critical moment" for the regime's power, during the pseudo-presidential elections, "the entire Putin army" was unable to resist the volunteers.

They noted that the Kremlin failed to hold pseudo-elections in the regions where "a real war" was taking place – the residents of Belgorod and Kursk oblasts did not go to the polling stations under the bombs of the aviation and fire of the artillery of the Russian Federation.

"No one in their right mind" will be able to claim after this that the Russian dictator Putin was elected legally, according to the rebels.

Volunteers say that Putin controls "fewer and fewer processes" in Russia, Russians see this – and more and more of their compatriots are joining the ranks of the rebel formations.

"Soon we will move to other cities. We call on Russians from all countries – people of any nationality to join us and fight together against Putin's dictatorship. Only with weapons in our hands, together we will win and create a new Russia – a strong, peaceful, and respected country, of which it is not ashamed to be a citizen. Our struggle continues, new victories will come," the formations stated.

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