Russian envoy leaves Poland in wake of missile airspace crossing incident, consequent summons
Radoslaw Sikorski (Photo: ALBERT ZAWADA/EPA)

Russian Ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, left the country, despite the fact that he was not expelled, and he himself did not ask to resign, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski reported, according to Gazeta Pl.

"Ambassador Andreev himself provided proof of his culture and professionalism. From what I heard, he has already left our territory," said the country's top diplomat.

According to Sikorski, the Russian embassy informed Polish colleagues in a technical note about the absence of their diplomat Sergey Andreev from March 26 to April 4.

At the moment, the duties of a Russian diplomat are being performed by the embassy's temporary charge d'affaires, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted.

Previously, the Russian ambassador to Poland did not come to the Polish ministry on summons due to an incident with a Russian missile that briefly entered the country's airspace.

As the Russian diplomat explained, he ignored the call of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs because he "does not see the sense in it", because Poland "did not provide enough evidence" regarding the missile.

On March 24, Poland raised its own aircraft due to the Russian missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, after which one target crossed Polish airspace.

Poland confirmed that the missile was Russian, so the country asked the Russian Federation to explain why the missile crossed the airspace of their country.

The Polish military did not shoot down the Russian target because in their opinion, this "would be risky".

On March 25, the Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, said that he would talk to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg about this incident.