Russia expelled from one of the oldest international organizations – Danube Commission
Danube (Photo: Depositphotos)

Russia has been expelled from the Danube Commission, one of the oldest international organizations, according to Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

"The aggressor state's international isolation continues to grow. The Danube Commission, one of the world’s oldest international organizations, decided at its 100th Jubilee session last December, during the first Ukrainian Presidency, that Russia's actions were incompatible with the Belgrade Convention," he wrote.

"Russia had until February 29 to withdraw from the organization on its own. However, the aggressor lacked the courage to do so," Kuleba said.

From March 1, the member countries of the Danube Commission will no longer officially recognize their commitments to Russia under the founding Belgrade Convention, wrote the head of the Foreign Ministry.

In addition, the commission imposed a fine on Russia for the first time in history for non-payment of contributions after it was deprived of its powers in the organization in March 2022.

"I thank the Danube Commission, our Danube partners, and everyone who helped make this historic decision. I urge all international organizations to follow suit, isolate Russian diplomats and kick Russia out. Aggressors and terrorists have no place in any reputable international forums," Kuleba stated.

The Danube Commission is an international intergovernmental organization created within the framework of the Convention Regarding the Regime of Navigation on the Danube, which was signed in Belgrade on August 18, 1948. Previously, the commission included 11 countries, including Russia, now – 10. Another 9 countries have observer status.

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