Scholz fears Taurus missiles could reach Moscow in case of "misuse"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again spoke out against providing Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles, justifying his position by expressing concern that the missiles could reach Moscow in case of "misuse," as reported by Tagesschau.

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Scholz said that a cruise missile with a range of 500 km is a weapon that "in the event of misuse, could reach a specific target somewhere in Moscow."

Hinting at Great Britain and France, which, unlike the US and Germany, have already provided cruise missiles to Ukraine, Scholz said: "That's why – and I say this with all diplomatic abstraction – others have also made sure they know exactly what and where is landing."

He stated that providing Ukraine with Taurus missiles would mean the need for Germany to participate in the deployment, which the chancellor considers "impossible."

Scholz also said that he was "irritated" by criticism on this matter, as "mostly it was ignored that Germany is supplying Ukraine with far more weapons than almost all other countries."

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