Rudyi Lis Forest near Chоrnobyl NPP. Ukraine's mayor says all invaders did not survive
Rudyi Lis Forest (Photo: Ukrinform)

None of the Russian invaders who were in the Rudyi Lis Forest (also known as Red Forest – Ed.) near the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant survived, according to Oleksandr Menzul, the mayor of the city of Varash, which is located near the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant, in an interview with Ukrinform. 

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In a comment to, a representative of the HUR Andriy Yusov reported that this information is being clarified.

"I can also mention how the illiterate orcs (Russian occupiers – Ed.) were entrenching themselves in the Chornobyl zone (in the radioactive Rudyi Lis Forest – Ed.). I know that place, you can only stay there for a few minutes. By the way, we received information from our channels that none of the Russian soldiers who were there survived," Menzul said.

The representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) told that the information about the death of all the occupiers who were entrenching themselves in the Rudyi Lis Forest is being clarified.

Russian occupiers captured the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant on February 24, 2022, on the first day of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine. They left the territory of the NPP on March 31 and headed towards Belarus.

Energoatom reported that the occupiers were digging trenches in radioactive soil. The Reuters agency wrote that the invaders were moving around the Rudyi Lis Forest without protective gear. There is also a video showing the trenches of the invaders there.

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