Scholz on Putin's "ceasefire" plan: Those who believe it have watched too much Russia Today
Olaf Scholz (Photo: EPA)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected dictator Vladimir Putin's proposal for a "cessation of the war." His remarks in the Bundestag were reported by Deutsche Welle.

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"Anyone who believes that Ukraine will survive this and that a strong peace in Europe will emerge from it has watched far too much Russia Today," he said.

According to Scholz, the Russian dictator continues to rely on the prolongation of the war.

The politician noted that this becomes especially evident in Putin's "ceasefire proposal."

"After all, it [Putin's plan] is not about a ceasefire. No, it also said that the territories of Ukraine not yet even occupied by Russian troops should be transferred to Russia in violation of international law, that Ukraine must be demilitarized, and that it must give up any military assistance in the future," the German Chancellor added.

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