Sweden and Denmark agree to buy about 20 CV90 IFVs for Ukraine worth $191.5 million
IFV CV-90 (Photo: EPA)

Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson met with his Danish counterpart, Troels Lund. The officials, in particular, signed a joint declaration of intentions to further support Ukraine in the field of infantry fighting vehicles, reported on the website of the Swedish government.

"Denmark will initially make a financial contribution in the amount of 1.8 billion Danish kroner (about $191.5 million), and Sweden will support purchases within the framework of the agreement concluded between the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration and Ukraine in July of this year," the agency writes.

The declaration of intent states that the parties will work on the purchase of additional CV90 armored vehicles for Ukraine, which will strengthen the collective capacity of the Armed Forces, the message explains.

"This is an important step to support the Defense Forces of Ukraine together with Denmark. We will use the industrial potential to ensure the supply of new CV90s to Ukraine. The CV90 was and is a significant addition to the defense of Ukraine after Sweden delivered 50 units earlier this year," said the Swedish defense chief.

According to local media DR, Jonson expects the aid package to include around 20 CV90s.

During the year, Sweden handed over 50 CV90 to Ukraine. This equipment proved to be very effective and highly appreciated in Ukraine, the country's government notes.

REFERENCE. Combat Vehicle 90 is a family of combat vehicles in service with the Swedish army since 1993. Combat vehicles are armed with a 40 mm cannon, and their armor protects against the impact of 30 mm projectiles. Sweden has more than 500 such IFVs.

On August 19, Ukraine and Sweden detailed an agreement on the joint production of modern CV-90 armored infantry vehicles in Ukraine.

On December 8, Ukraine and Sweden discussed the possibility of transferring Gripen aircraft to the Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defense hopes that Ukraine will receive the planes, but "there are certain issues related to NATO."

On December 11, Sweden announced a new aid package for Ukraine worth SEK 1.4 billion (about $134 million).