Ukrainian forces control 60% of Vovchansk, but Russian assaults do not stop, deputy governor says
Ukrainian Armed Forces. Illustrative image (Photo: General Staff)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine control about 60% of Vovchansk, while the aggressor does not stop storming the border town, said the deputy head of the Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration Roman Semenukha on the telethon program.

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Russia continues its assault, mainly focused on the directions of the settlement of Lyptsi, the settlement of Vovchansk, and on the left-right flank of the town of Vovchansk. Several guided aerial bombs were dropped on Lyptsi on Monday.

"The enemy does not stop trying to push the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the town in the middle of Vovchansk. About 60% of the town is controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the assaults do not stop," he said.

He added that the hostilities on the Kupyansk axis stopped this morning.

"Today, in some areas, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting their own assault operations in order to improve their positions. Well, there is definitely shelling of the border. These are Bohodukhiv district, Kharkiv district, Chuhuyiv district," Semenukha said.

In the early hours of May 10, the Russians launched a new wave of offensive in the Kharkiv sector. The Russian forces tried to break through the Ukrainian defense line under the cover of armored vehicles. The Ukrainian Armed Forces sent reserve units there.

On May 16, the Russians shelled one of the villages of the Vovchansk territorial community. As a result of the attack, six people were injured, including the head of Vovchansk Town Military Administration.

As of May 20, more than 10,500 people were evacuated from the border areas of Kharkiv Oblast.