Fico's Slovak government blocks €40 million of military aid to Ukraine – Aktuality
Robert Fico (Screenshot)

The new government of Slovakia, headed by Prime Minister Robert Fico, blocked the previous Cabinet's proposal to provide military aid to Ukraine for €40.3 million euros, reported Aktuality.

The Slovak outlet Dennik N wrote that the previous Ministry of Defense formed a package of new military aid to Ukraine and could hand it over before the parliamentary elections.

However, after the victory of the anti-Ukrainian Smer-SD, the prime minister categorically opposed military aid to Ukraine. The President of Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, also opposed the allocation of €40.3 million euros, saying that she "respects the election results."

According to Čaputová, ignoring the position of Smer-SD and "some other" parties "would create an unfortunate precedent for the future."

Today, the new government of Slovakia blocked the allocation of €40.3 million euros of military aid to Ukraine. It was assumed that the funds would be allocated within the 14th package, which was supposed to include, in particular, ammunition, missiles for the Kub air defense system, mortars, etc.

Fico promised that in the event of his victory, Slovakia would not give Ukraine a single projectile.

On October 25, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová officially approved the country's new government headed by Fico, the leader of the anti-Ukrainian Smer-SD party.