U.S. aid agreement to Ukraine is on the brink of collapse due to doubts in the Senate – Bloomberg
Photo: EPA

Republican senators declared after a 90-minute meeting on February 5th that the vote scheduled for February 7th on the bill to provide aid to Ukraine, among other things, is too early, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the negotiations. 

Senator Roger Wicker, a leading Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and a supporter of aid to Ukraine, said that "the proposal is dead."

Also, James Lankford, a key Republican in the negotiations, said he expects the procedural vote scheduled for Wednesday to fail, as senators claim they need more time to review and amend the bill. He called the legislation "unfinished work."

Sources told the publication that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican Party discussion would continue on Tuesday. At the meeting, he told senators that they should vote "no" on Wednesday if they need more time to review the bill.

Republican Mike Rounds, who holds a moderate position on immigration and calls for a deal, said he will vote against advancing the bill in the procedural vote scheduled for Wednesday. Instead, he recommends the Senate take a few weeks to review it.

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