Ukrainian sociologist on new mobilization law: Social media unrest is expected
Oleksiy Antypovych (Photo: Video screenshot)

There will be no mass protests following the adoption of the new mobilization law by the Ukrainian government, the head of the Rating sociological group Oleksiy Antypovych said in an interview with

When there was a decrease in the approval rating of the state's actions in January-February, it was partly due to the discussion of the mobilization law, according to Antypovych.

"However, mobilization cannot be avoided in wartime. The fact that a Ukrainian or anyone else fears death the most is normal. It's normal not to want to fight and take up arms. There are many such Ukrainians," Antypovych said.

The sociologist states that there are discussions in society about people going to the territorial recruitment centers (TRC) and ending up on the frontline the next day. Against the backdrop of such discussions, it is difficult to talk about the desire to go to the TRCs voluntarily.

At the same time, he says that the new law may also create a collapse in the TRCs. Antypovych suggested that there are about 8 million Ukrainians of conscription age who have not yet registered. Therefore, this will be an excessive burden on the TRCs.

"What kind of queues will there be? It would be good if this is provided for in the law. If it will be in a smartphone – that's a completely different story," he said.

At the same time, Antypovych says that most Ukrainians will comply with the law, although cases will be opened against evaders.

"Of course, there will be unrest on social media. There will also be isolated cases of unrest in the streets. But some people will go and comply with this law, and that's normal," Antypovych said.

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